domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Miss Nothing

"And as I watch you disappear into my head, well there's a man who’s telling me I might be dead"

Taylor Momsen

Im not a wicked angel, Im a Goddess. Miss Flawless. When you see me pass by, dont dare looking me in the eye. Oh, you might die. Bitch, im a 21st century witch, but I wont burn in flames. I will set on fire all your names. I love this little evil games. Miss Insane, and I dont care, im too much for you to bear. Ive been kicked out of heaven, praised in hell. Miss KissandTell, NOT. Every guy I kissed, well I forgot. All I give a shit about is Rock. RocknRoll will save my soul, and give back the heart you stole. Little pretty rose, but with oh too many thorns. I knew what I was meant to do, since the second I was born. Destiny will kill you all, I will stop and stare as you stumble and fall. And I will watch you drown, as you disappear into the ground. Miss Hellbound.  MP

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