miércoles, 13 de julio de 2011

Like a RocknRoll hero.

Heaven can wait , I got a taste of Paradise. Only you can find who you really wanna be. If there is a stairway to heaven, I swear im gonna fuckin find it. Ive been through the fires of hell, and Ive got the ashes to prove it.
And some days I pray for silence, and some days I pray for my soul. Some days I just pray to the God of sex, drugs and Rocknroll.

Taylor Momsen

My heart is hurting, but my smile is doing allright. I always smile and take off my halo at night. I am heaven sent, sold my soul for 7 cents, and a beer. Oh, how I just wish that you were here. In the morning, I spread my wings and I disappear. Nobody knows where I go. All these magic places where the music glows. Its a sweet melody, filled with fantasy. Too much for a man to see in this world of ecstasy. Pleasure is all we`ve got, so many feelings that society just forgot. So I wonder... Is there a world for all those abandoned emotions? Up above the sky or deep down in the oceans? Have we become numb with so much pain surrounding us? Or are we just too dumb to learn how to let go of the past? But only one thing is certain: Good things never last. MM
My Medicine - The Pretty Reckless

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