miércoles, 11 de abril de 2012

Where there's smoke, there's fire.

There she goes. Looking like a model with those tight jeans, high heels. So skinny. Perfect makeup, with eyes all painted black, lips the color of blood, pale white skin. Long blonde hair, so wild.. feeling the wind. Broken, but not destroyed. She thinks all that glitters is gold. Where's your inspirarion, girl? Tell me, where did it go? Because it's been gone a little too long. I see her walking like nothing's wrong, and I wonder how she truly feels. Always with a cigarrette between her beautiful lips, but no lighter. She likes talking to strangers to ask for one, and then hide behind all of that cigarrette smoke. She only desires the things that will destroy her in the end. They say she only gets out of her cage at the night's call. She feels embraced in the darkness she calls home. And the light of the moon is all that she allows to touch her fragile skin. They say she is a lonely soul, with so many soulmate candidates. But noone seems to please her. She's in love with fire. She's got a life on her own and it shows by her bed. They say she doesn't see her friends anymore. She started a new revolution inside her head. They say she is lost inside her own mind, looking for something she can't find, because she doesn't know what it is. Have you found it already? Or is it too soon? Is it too late? Little rock and roll princess, let me save you while there's still something left to save. Stop asking the stars what your path might be. You know the moon won't ever belong to you. Stop seeking in the darkness what your heart lacks. Maybe you'll find pleasure when you burn. Smell the rain, dream without fear. This is what it means to be free. You should know that what is normal in the magic of the night, in the morning seems insane. They say she once spoke about a God above, maybe it was just the whiskey talking. She gets drunk with music, poetry and art. But art never comes from happiness, my dear. Don't believe in everything you hear. She steps on those fallen leaves on the ground, like those good old days that never again will be found. She's a lover baby, and a fighter. She lives watching the seconds pass by, she's only happy when she's high. A beautiful lie, you just can't deny. Oh, just live and let die.

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